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 The inhabitants buried mad scientist Victor Frankenstein. The  inhabitants began to festive arrival of smooth season, but inspector  Kemp said that a deceased researcher had the grandson. Fred worked as  the dean of anatomy at the New York’s School of Medicine. Local fool  Ziggy reassured people, saying that the young man is unlikely to arrive  in the town. Meanwhile Fred tried to conceal his relationship with a mad  researcher. Surprisingly, he received the message that he has inherited  a whole castle. The scientist went to the Old World to deal with the  new property. His fiancée Elizabeth suffered from unquenched love  desires. Arriving in Transylvania, Fred met there Igor, the grandson of  his grandfather’s assistant. Happy hunchback began to convince the  scientist to continue the work of Victor von Frankenstein. He even hired  a laboratory assistant Inga for him.

Soon, a scientist, a hunchback & a girl went to the castle. Arriving  at a place, they met a housekeeper Frau Blücher. Resting with a book,  Fred dreamed that the ancestors inspired him & helped create a  monster. Asleep Frankenstein was awakened by Inga. Following the  terrible music sounds, they found the entrance to the secret lab. Frau  Blücher said her relationship with Victor von Frankenstein were not just  business. After studying the records of his grandfather, Fred decided  to continue the researches to find a method to revive the dead  creatures. He instructed his helper to find more bodies & a brain of  a scientist. While residents discussed how to stop the grave robbers,  the researcher & the hunchback found & took appropriate body.  Igor replaced the brain, which he was instructed by the owner to find  & soon Fred revived the dead creature with the brains of the  psychopath, not a scientist, as he planned initially.

Citizens maid a courtesy visit to the new owner of the castle. But  really they were trying to find out whether there was the continuation  of the experiments of the deceased Victor. Frau Blücher released monster  without notifying the owner & nightmarish creature frightened the  guests. Soon the whole town was looking for revived monster. Housekeeper  was hoping to return a monster home with the help of music. Inga tried  to comfort upset Fred. Suddenly his bride came in the castle of  Frankenstein. Groom persuaded Elizabeth that he was connected with Inga  with just business relationship. After the monster suffered from a  meeting with the blind hermit, he returned to the castle. Fred assured  the creature that people could get used to it & love it. The  researcher presented the monster, which looked like a gentleman, in the  theater then. Showing good manners first, monster overreached oneself  & broke the lamps illuminated the scene.

Soon a monster kidnapped Elizabeth & hid her in a cave. Acquainted  with him better, a girl learned the better side of the terrible  creature. Trying to save the bride, Fred decided to lure the monster out  by means of music. Scientist failed & soon he was hanged by angry  habitants. Returned creature has revealed not only articulate speech,  but also its medical knowledge. Monster found that Fred wasn’t  completely dead yet & saved the scientist by reviving him. When the  crowd began to demand the execution of Frankenstein & his creature,  there appeared allegedly murdered Elizabeth. Monster declared his love  to her. Suddenly the castle visited Count Dracula, who wished to  purchase property of von Frankenstein. Fred said that the house of his  ancestors is not for sale – he decided to continue the work of his  grandfather. Soon the young man offered Inga to marry him. She agreed to  become the wife of a scientist, though she knew that her future husband  was too simple-minded. Monster started helping its creator in further  researches. 

Adult Tickets | $20

Children Tickets (10 & Under) | $10

*Please be advised that this production is rated PG-13. There are themes of sexual innuendo. 

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